A Little About Greg

There is no way to tell when an actor will get the bug for acting. Some catch it in their childhood, others later. For Greg it happened relatively recently. In under two years he had performed in nine community theater productions, having played 15 different roles in them. It was just after that he came to the realization that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up. Given that he was already in his early forties, Greg figured “growing up” wasn’t going to happen any time soon, so he decided not to wait and went out for even more theater roles.

Soon Greg turned his attention to film, and got many roles in independent, student, and short films. Most of the 48-Hour Film Project films he worked on in various cities got favorable reactions from the audience. Most recently he was awarded Best Actor for his performance in the film “Kings Crossing” at the 2015 Baltimore 49HFP.

Lately Greg has been concentrating on getting roles in television and commercials. Working quickly, he has started relationships with many casting directors. Although he hasn’t been in this stage of his career very long, Greg has already been asked to come in for call-back auditions on several occasions. Recently, he has been seen on an episode of HBO’s “VEEP” in the role of “Weird Guy.” Greg lives for that kind of stereotyping.

The management apologizes for the lack of pretentious adjectives and early childhood stories in this actor bio. Apparently the truck was late.

Here’s What Industry
People Have To Say

It’s just a shame they couldn’t arrest someone more photogenic.

VEEP’s Gary Walsh (played by Tony Hale)

He’s like if Ray Romano and Will Farrell got together in a seedy bar somewhere.

Jenn Lederer
President, Merging Artists Management

How fun is it to spend two minutes with this guy?

Adrienne Stern
Adrienne Stern Casting
(after viewing my reel)