Another Short Film Done

Today I smoked a bunch of cigarettes, was almost made deaf in one ear, was force-fed baby food, and lastly was pelted by dodgeballs. In other words, I had one of the most fun times I ever had on a shoot day making a really funny film.

It’s called “The Hard Way,” and it’s written by award-winning writer Jimmy Monack. He wrote the film “Charm City Rumpus” which I worked in last year. It went on to several festivals and won a couple awards along the way. In fact, Jimmy told me it is going to be in another festival next weekend. Woo! So when he emailed to ask me if I wanted to be in another of his films, I jumped at the chance.

Like I said, it was a super-fun time. Most of the other cast were three kids (as you might have guess from the activities). and they were total pros. They knew their lines and listened to the director, but I could also tell they were having fun the same as me.

I really can’t wait to see the final film. I think it really has a chance of making a splash as some festivals in the coming year. I’ll keep you posted on that, of course.