Awesome 48HFP News!

Back in June I did the Baltimore 48-Hour Film Project with Team Citra, a team I had worked with on 48HFPs in Baltimore and Washington over the past few years. We had made some good films and “Kings Crossing” was no exception. We had two separate units running and everything went great despite some logistical curves that our production team handled flawlessly. We ended up with a humorous story with a heart that we were all pretty proud of.

A few weeks ago, the festival coordinator announced the list of films that would be shown at the “Best Of” screening, and our film made the cut. This is typically comprised of films that would win judges awards to be announced that night, audience picks from each of the screening groups, and rounded out with other films that the judges liked. Since we knew we hadn’t won the audience award for our group, we were likely to be in line to get something.

Well, we got something alright. Our film was awarded Best Use of Line for using the required line of dialogue (“Sometimes the best answer is no answer.”) the most naturally or cleverly (some would say “least awkwardly”) in the judges’ opinion. The was due (I’m guessing) both to the script as written as well as the delivery of the actor who said it. We also got Best Use of Character for using the required character (Q. Treller, member of a secret society) in a manner most pleasing to the judges. I think this was partly because of script decisions to never refer to the character by name in dialogue, but have it show up in physical notes that were used in shots, and also because the actress played the role straight which made her more believable as a person.

But it didn’t end there. We got 1st Runner Up for Best Film! To clarify for those not used to film festivals or beauty pageants, that is 2nd Place (that always gets me, so I felt I should explain). The whole field consisted of good films, so second out of that lot is quite an achievement. But I also got the award for Best Actor! I was surprised and humbled. Everyone was so happy for me and I was happy too, but also a little stunned. I was feeling all, “but I just did what I do, and…award? Wuh?”

What a great night. I am so proud, not only of my award, but for our awesome team who came together and did a great job making a film in 48 hours! Congrats, everyone!