Awesome Festival News!

The end of June/beginning of July was a bit of a roller coaster for me.

First, I met with a NY agent and she decided to add me to her freelance clients. I had spent the past few months going to workshops and intensives with casting directors and associates, showing my reel to whoever would look at it, and generally tried to show them how ready I am to go for co-star/guest star roles on TV and supporting roles in large-budget film. But, that effort would have gone largely to waste if I didn’t have someone in my corner who could see the breakdowns early enough to make a difference. So in one meeting I went from “this could all come crashing down” to “this could actually work.” Since the meeting, I have gotten my online submission profiles set up so the agent can use them, and she should be able to find roles that are being cast by people who have met me and have seen what I can do.

Then, the first festival sent word to us that they are passing on “Cleaning Up.” This particular festival, DC Shorts, gets about 10 times as many submissions as they have room for, so I knew it would be pretty tight. One reason I submitted to them though is they send a link to a page that shows what our film’s reviewers thought of it, so I knew we’d at least get some helpful information out of the deal. Two of the reviews were completely positive, said things like “the audience will be laughing out loud” and “this is something fresh for the audience,” and ultimately recommended us for selection. The third merely said it didn’t go with their personal sense of humor and recommended it not be selected. I don’t know if the third reviewer had more pull, or there were other factors (I’m told there is some sort of arcane numerical formula involved), but that was that. So, of course, part my brain said, “100% failure,” and I got a little depressed despite another part of my brain pointing out that a sample size of one produces no meaningful data.

But then, a week later, I got an email saying that certain people were “excited to invite your film, ‘Cleaning Up’, to screen at the 2015 Rahway International Film Festival.” “Excited” – how about that?! I don’t know how excited they were, but if it was half as excited as I was, then they made a chihuahua look like a blood hound. It was such awesome news at exactly the right time. We have been plugging the crap out of it and they haven’t even announce the screening schedule yet! Also, we are getting bios written and promo material assembled. You know, the stuff that we knew we’d need should we get accepted to a festival, but didn’t get to it until the need became real – that sort of stuff.

The Rahway IFF is on the last week in August in Rahway, NJ. I am definitely going, and I’m sure I’ll have stuff to say about it then. Maybe I’ll see you there!