Do It Yourself

This year I decided to produce my own short film. I had an idea for a short silent film about a janitor and the wacky adventures he has going about his duties one night. So I sat down and wrote out the story in semi-screenplay format – with no dialogue it was pretty impossible to stick to the “one page = one minute” standard. It ended up being about 4 pages long, but will probably have a run-time of close to 25 minutes. Originally I was calling it “After Hours,” but then I remembered the Scorcese picture that came out thirty years ago. So, rather than name it after a film that had its own Wikipedia page, I decided to call it “Cleaning Up” instead. And it’s starting to grow on me.

Fortunately I have help. My pal Lew Fraga was so tickled by the story that he said he couldn’t stop giggling as he thought of how certain shots would look. He runs Fraga Studios, and decided to put his expertise toward co-producing it, and he had such good ideas we decided he should direct it too (which was a better idea than me directing it – not only do I not have the experience, it would take twice as long to shoot). Lew suggested Doug Bischoff to be the Director of Photography, and I asked John Rowles to do the music. Our core crew and cast were complete!

Our goal is to submit it to film festivals once we complete it. I am hoping to make the early submission deadline for Toronto on May 2nd, but that might be tight. I am fairly certain we can make Sundance by July 28, and Tribeca is in October, so that won’t be a problem!

We have our first shoot date in just three weeks. Right now Lew and I are scrambling to get all the props and wardrobe and location together, but I think we will make it. Also, we are schmoozing for financing and starting up a Kickstarter campaign. There is so much more to do than on other projects when I am merely an actor!