Festival! Festival!

Some of the short films I’ve been involved with have been showing at festivals all around the country. In particular, two films written by my pal Jimmy Monack have been getting serious attention.

“Charm City Rumpus” was just seen at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza (http://www.reelindependentfilm.com/) in Washington DC on Saturday October 12th, and was nominated in three categories. Our star Felicia was up for Best Actress in a Short and Eddie Furs got a nom for Best Supporting Actor in a Short. We also were considered for Best Narrative Short! While we didn’t walk away with any of them, we were all pretty happy to get these nominations.

This weekend a film I did this summer will be screened at the Boston International Kids Film Festival (http://bikff.org/) in Boston, MA (of course). We were all pretty proud of this 7-minute short, and I bet it will get some serious attention as Jimmy kicks off its festival tour in Boston. I really wish I could be there to see it on its way, but Jimmy will do a good job representing, I’m sure. I will keep you guys posted as this develops.