In The Can!

Well, we got “Cleaning Up” done just in time to submit to some key festivals. We are all really happy with how it turned out. Everyone who has seen it has had a good laugh, so we are expecting good things from the festivals we are submitting to.

I submitted to the NYC Independent Festival before I realized that there is a completely separate Shorts Festival here as well, so I submitted to that two. They seem to have their act together, as they have already confirmed receipt through withoutabox. I also submitted to the DC-based Reel Independent Film Extravaganza because I know the people there and they are good folks who will probably give my film a shot. Also in DC is the DC Shorts Fest, which is right up our alley, and I submitted despite having to go through their website and type everything in again because they don’t do withoutabox.

Lastly, I submitted to the Toronto International Film Festival even though I know how small a chance we have of being selected. I chose this time of year to start submitting because most of the larger festivals (Tribeca, Sundance, Cannes) will be accepting submissions several down the road, which give us time to try and gain a little notoriety from the smaller festivals.

Of course, now is the hardest part – waiting until July before I start hearing back from these people! In the meantime, I’ll keep submitting and hoping!