Keeping Shows Alive

When a show you like runs it’s course it is bittersweet at best for any viewer. But for us actors, it has an extra layer of sadness attached to it – the reality that we will never, ever, be able to work on a show we really liked. And since it is part of our job to watch a fair amount of television, the odds favor it happening once or twice a year. This year for me it was “Castle” and “Royal Pains.” It saddened me to know that I will never be a part of those two shows.

“Parks and Recreation” was another one of those shows for me. Really sad to say goodbye to it there. But, the nature of this business is that, though the show is over, the actors working on it nearly always go on to other things. And that means I can at least work with the people who made those shows so special to me.

For instance, this season I worked on “Difficult People” with Billy Eichner. I also recently got done shooting a scene with Jon Glaser in his new show. And if you count Amy Poehler being an Executive Producer on “Broad City” then I am really making the rounds of “Parks and Rec” alum. It’s almost like being on the show! Almost.

I hope I can continue my tour of working with cast members of one of my all-time favorite shows.

Or even better, be a regular on a successful, well-loved show of my own. Yeah, I think I’ll do that!