Looking for Rep

In addition to getting myself in front of all sorts of casting directors, I have been attending showcases where I meet with and perform for talent agents. I have been getting decent feedback from both commercial and theatrical agents lately. A few have even laughed when I read the side or copy (it’s supposed to be comical stuff – don’t worry!), and some have even asked what I have on this here website and have even promised to come look at it. If you are one of those fine people, then hi!

I have a feeling that I will start taking meetings with some of them in the near future. Then when I find the one that’s right for me that thinks I’m right for them, I will have signed with representation. What does that mean for me? Well, for one thing my marketing budget will drop by nearly one half, as I don’t need to keep agents that I won’t be working with apprised of things. But it will also mean that the hard work will have just begun, as we will have to hustle to keep the auditions coming, and I will have to rock each audition extra hard to make it worth everybody’s time. But it will be worth it.

I’ll keep you in the loop when I start taking meetings!