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My Days On “The Politician” July 1, 2020 - Now that Season 2 of The Politician has dropped on Netflix, I guess I can relay my experiences without breaking any NDA. When I first went in to audition, I actually hadn’t seen Season 1 yet. There are just so many shows out there, and although I try to keep abreast of them, every once … Continue reading "My Days On “The Politician”"
Life in Eighth Grade October 12, 2018 - I continue to be blessed by the wonderful attention the film “Eighth Grade” is getting. Now that the DVD/Blue Ray is out, I’m sure more and more people are watching it as we speak. To celebrate the release, I made a video with me dabbing over and over to a parody of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, … Continue reading "Life in Eighth Grade"
The Coolest Principal In The World September 17, 2017 - This summer I had the great fortune to get cast in an independent feature called, “The Coolest Girl In The World.” It was written and directed by comedian/actor Bo Burnham. I was so excited to work with him for this project. He was awesome both at his job and as a person. The cast and … Continue reading "The Coolest Principal In The World"
Keeping Shows Alive August 12, 2016 - When a show you like runs it’s course it is bittersweet at best for any viewer. But for us actors, it has an extra layer of sadness attached to it – the reality that we will never, ever, be able to work on a show we really liked. And since it is part of our … Continue reading "Keeping Shows Alive"
That Stupid Part Of My Brain March 22, 2016 - Part of being an actor is sometimes not knowing what they thought of you in the room, or why they never got back to you. While intellectually we know there are a million variables and only about four of them are under our control (be prepared, make strong decisions, be on time, and be a … Continue reading "That Stupid Part Of My Brain"
The Virtue of Cheat-Sticks January 1, 2016 - Before I preface this post, I must pre-preface it by saying that I have decided that I will endeavor to express more gratitude in these posts. There are so many people without whom I wouldn’t have gotten as far along this journey of life, let alone my reinvention as an actor, and I will try … Continue reading "The Virtue of Cheat-Sticks"
On the Set of Broad City! September 25, 2015 - About six weeks ago I went in for an audition for a co-star role on Comedy Central’s “Broad City.” I was super-excited, as it is easily in my top three of favorite shows shooting in the NY area right now, if not my top favorite! But I managed to hold it together and deliver my … Continue reading "On the Set of Broad City!"
Awesome 48HFP News! August 19, 2015 - Back in June I did the Baltimore 48-Hour Film Project with Team Citra, a team I had worked with on 48HFPs in Baltimore and Washington over the past few years. We had made some good films and “Kings Crossing” was no exception. We had two separate units running and everything went great despite some logistical … Continue reading "Awesome 48HFP News!"
Awesome Festival News! July 12, 2015 - The end of June/beginning of July was a bit of a roller coaster for me. First, I met with a NY agent and she decided to add me to her freelance clients. I had spent the past few months going to workshops and intensives with casting directors and associates, showing my reel to whoever would … Continue reading "Awesome Festival News!"
In The Can! May 1, 2015 - Well, we got “Cleaning Up” done just in time to submit to some key festivals. We are all really happy with how it turned out. Everyone who has seen it has had a good laugh, so we are expecting good things from the festivals we are submitting to. I submitted to the NYC Independent Festival … Continue reading "In The Can!"