On the Set of Broad City!

About six weeks ago I went in for an audition for a co-star role on Comedy Central’s “Broad City.” I was super-excited, as it is easily in my top three of favorite shows shooting in the NY area right now, if not my top favorite! But I managed to hold it together and deliver my best audition like it was just any other gig. After a couple weeks I figured they must have had the callbacks already, so I thought, “Oh well, there are more where that came from, especially since I’ve now been in that casting director’s office.” But little did I know that they weren’t having callbacks. About a month ago I get a call from the agent I was working on this with to find out that they “liked” me for this role, and wanted to check availability on or about September 18. For those who don’t know, this is the way it usually works – they want you for the role, but they don’t want to use the B-word (“booked”) until they get about a million other duck in a row. Finally they did use the B-word, and I was ready to go!

The shoot on the night was on location in the Bronx County Court Building, a work of art that was built in the 30’s. It’s one of those classical ones with marble columns. In the huge central room that they used for holding, craft services and catering there were huge murals and quotes from Woodrow Wilson on the walls – very impressive. The murals reminded me a bit of the ones they’d occasionally show on “Parks and Recreation,” which made me smile because of Amy Poehler’s connection with “Broad City.” After I was out of wardrobe I spent a lot of time in that room doing what I mostly do on these things – waiting and eating.

Sometime after midnight (I know because we ate lunch at midnight) I got called back to the set for my scene. At that point I met show creators and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, as well as the director Todd Biermann. Everyone was super-nice, and Ilana said she saw the audition video and thought I was really funny (squee!). After that they put me in place so we could shoot the scene. I don’t want to go into specifics before the air date, but needless to say the art department did a wonderful job dressing the set for our purposes. My scene was with Abbi (Ilana didn’t have any scenes that night, but was there anyway like a trouper), so we ran a rehearsal a few times while they set the cameras in place, and we shot her side first, then spent almost as much time shooting my side.

Here I am on set with the ridiculously funny Abbi Jacobson! Photo: Ilana Glazer (!)
Here I am on set with the ridiculously funny Abbi Jacobson! Photo: Ilana Glazer (!)

Between shots I asked Abbi if she’d mind taking a photo with me. My agent insisted I get one for her to use in selling me, and I’m glad she did because I always feel weird asking that. But I need not have worried, because Abbi was all like “Sure!” And then when I was about to take it selfie-style, Ilana offered to take it like a regular picture. How awesome is that – one of the stars of my favorite show volunteers to take a photo of me with the other star of that show! I was pretty much on cloud nine, which only made my upcoming scene more difficult, as that character is supposed to be a little depressed.

When I was wrapped both Ilana and Abbi thanked me and told me to drive safely. As I was going out the door, Abbi said, “You killed it!” I only hope that when it my turn to be a TV show regular I remember to be as gracious and awesome as these two!

Not only is this a nice milestone for my career (and hopefully will look good on my reel), but I had an absolutely wonderful time doing it. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out, which should be sometime mid-March. I will definitely keep you posted!