Ready For Pilot Season

After the holiday slowdown, I am ready to get out there and work! This may be due to the weather, or from being around too much of my family, but I am super-eager to get auditioning for stuff. Fortunately for me, pilot season in starting!

This year, I actually feel reasonably prepared for the madness that is pilot season. I have made some contacts with casting people at most of the major networks, as well as having put myself in front of casting directors for many of the busier houses in NYC. The only thing that would make it perfect is having an agent represent me to more people, but I have yet to sign with someone. Perhaps if I get in a pilot they’ll be coming to me.

Meanwhile, I just do what I do, which is go to more workshops to make more contacts with more industry people, and do the occasional short film so my acting doesn’t rust. But I think this pilot season might be the best for me yet!