Richmond 48HFP Went Off Without A Hitch

I got a last-minute email from a filmmaker I’d worked with before asking me to be part of his 48-Hour Film Project team in Richmond. I’d had a lot of fun with that group before, so I said “sure!” So last weekend I trucked on down to help make a film in the Science Fiction category.

We made quite a film about being characters inside a space combat video game, and it turned out pretty well. The version that was shown at our screening tonight had to be edited to make the time limit, so ended up not using some of the good footage we shot. However, we’ve been promised a directors cut shortly, and the producers and directors were talking about sending it out to some science fiction festivals, so I’ll keep you posted!

I’m always happy to do these 48HFPs, since it is an opportunity to work fast and hard with great groups of people.