Student Films Are How I Give Back

I just got done shooting a comedy short for a film student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. While they don’t generally pay, and usually doesn’t add to my reel, I feel it is still worth my time when I can spare it.

I like to help give the student real-world experience, by offering advice when they ask for it (which they do often enough). As a member of SAG-AFTRA, my involvement also gets them ready for an important part of making a film outside of college – paperwork. Every well-run film has paperwork, and the SAG Student Film Agreement is a great way to break them into that habit. They will also be very grateful for your help, and are almost always really nice. You really get the impression that they are happy you are there, as opposed to some productions that treat actors as a necessary evil.

And I don’t want to get sappy here, but these kids are the future of film making. If we don’t get involved and help out, what will happen to our industry? So, students of film, fellow actors, and movie-going audiences everywhere – you are welcome.