My Demo Reel

Demo Clips

These are longer clips of some roles that may or may not be in my official reel.

Eighth Grade

It was great working with Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher

Broad City

It was so much fun working with Abby and Ilana!


I had so much fun being the Weird Guy in a Boat for Season 3!

Charm City Rumpus

This short has been seen at many festivals, and has won peer awards for directing and cinematography.

Garfield Gets Dirty

This was made for the 2011 48GoGreen (part of the 48HFP). We did a lot of ad libbing for many of these scenes.

New Amsterdam

I talk to the star of the show about coffee on network TV!

Kings Crossing

I won Best Actor at the 2015 Baltimore 48-Hour Film Project for this film!

Dog Gone Love

This was made for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project. I’m the lead in a romantic comedy! Wooo!

The New ‘N’ Word

This has already been nominated at film festivals, and the director plans on submitting it to more this year.


This was made for the 2010 48HFP. The compression did a number on my costar’s shirt – hopefully you’re not prone to seizures.