Working It With Workshops

Lately I’ve been going to a lot of workshops at some of the actor studios that lie spread across midtown Manhattan like, I don’t know, something numerous and randomly scattered. Lately I’ve been to Actor’s Connection, Actor’s Green Room and TVI Actors Studio among others. Usually with these I’m trying to do one of two things. First, I’m trying to meet with talent agents in an effort to find representation that will serve me best. Second, I am trying to meet with as many casting directors as I can, so they will hopefully remember me come casting time, and if they do, they will have seen me act and know what roles I’m best suited for. So part of my job as an actor is to do these workshops as much as I can.

Recently, due to scheduling goof that can only be attributed to human error (i.e. me not paying attention), I found myself signed up for workshops at two different studios for the same casting director, both within a week of each other! That was a recipe for awkward. But I just decided that, since it was too late to cancel either of them, that I would use this as an opportunity. In the first workshop, the CD in question sent me a scene that was, in her words, a bit of a risk, since it was a character that wasn’t my typical fare, but she was happy with what I did with it.

So, on the second one, when I went into the room to do my scene, she said something like “long time no see,” which was good news because she definitely remembered me. Hey, I know it was only a week, but sometimes it seems like you are doing these things in a vacuum and you’re not really sure how they remember you. This time I got to pick my own side, and I picked one that was more firmly in my wheelhouse. After the first time I did the scene, she had me do it again, toning it down a notch. “You’re funny without all that,” she said. Awesome!

So now I just wait and see if that pair of workshops pay off and she keeps remembering me fondly as she enters pilot season. In the meantime, I will just keep doing these workshops.